Picture Frame Planner

Plan your week with this personalized picture frame planner!


You will need:

-a ruler

-a picture frame

-wrapping paper

-colorful pens


-board markers (to write on your planner)




How to make it:

Take your picture frame and remove the plastic part. Then get the wrapping paper and use the plastic part of the frame to draw an outline it. After you've drawn the outline, cut the shape out! Next, take your paper and draw as many rectangles as you'd like days on your planner. Cut these rectangles out. Once you've cut all of them out, write the days of the week on them. Now glue the rectangles to your wrapping paper. To finish your planner, put it in the frame. With your markers you can write your plans for each day of the week. Clean it with a sponge if you need more space. You have now completed your planner!


We hope you had fun making this!