Here you will find instructions and information about the charms and bracelets.

The Inverted Stitch

To do the inverted stitch, get your hook and go in front of the middle band. Then pull the bottom band through the band you are inside of. Keep pulling the band up and then pull it over the peg.

What is a C-clip?

A C-clip is a clip that you use to fasten your bracelet. There are also S-clips and O-clips, so if it says to use a C-clip, you can use the other ones as well.

Transition Bands

To create a transition band, get a band in the colour you started with, and one band in the colour you want to change to. Then put them together so that half of each band are touching each other. Then with your fingers, pull one end together (of one of the bands) to make a loop. Then make a loop with the other band. After that you should have a transition band!

Cap Bands

To make a cap band, place a band on the peg you want to have it on. Take one end of it and twist it and then put it back on again. If you need to do a double or triple cap, just take that end and twist it again until you have the number of twists you need (double: 2 twists; triple: 3 twists).

How to loop

To loop a shape get your hook and go inside the cap band and pull the bottom band out and to the other peg that it is attached to. then go back into your cap band and pull up the band up that is now on the bottom. Repeat this until all the bands are gone (tip:make sure you only pull the bands up that have somewhere to go). Now you can go into one of your loops that you made and bring the band that is not part of the group over to the pin that the other peg is attached to. Keep on doing this until your whole shape is looped.

Loom Setup

When you set up your loom for these projects on this website make sure it is always in the lined-up set up. It doesn't matter which way round you have your loom.

How to do a slipknot

When you are making Little Larry, at the end it says that you have to do a slipknot. To do one, you have to have two loops on your hook. All you have to do is pull the front loop through the other loop. Then you should have a slipknot!

We hope you understood everything!

We're sorry if some of the instuctions were unclear. We will be working on some things in the future.